Rowe's Toggenburgs

Rowe's Keynote M Sabina 8*M (T1112678)

Rowe's Keynote M Sabina 8*M DOB: 4-11-99     JDR/M28

Sire: GCH +*B Ederís Keynote T1038204 (LA 5-03 91 EEE)
     SS: GCH ++*B Ta-Lee-Ho Kiss Chocolate Fudge T0603991 (EX 91 EEE)
     SD: GCH Eder's Evita 6*M (LA 5-03 90 VEEE)

Dam: GCH Rowe's Maestro Margaret 7*M T0996844 (5-05 93 EEEE)
DS: GCH +*B Canyon View Mary's Maestro T0937315 (LA 7-03 91 EEE)
     DD: Rowe's Fenix Stella 6*M T0961530 (2-00 305D 4260M 147F 120P TOP TEN)

2-03 86 V+EV
1-10  305D  2620M  74F  65P
ext: 310D  2650M  75F  66P
'99: 2nd pl Junior Kid ADGA National Show
'00 shown 3x: 2nd dry yearling, CA State Fair
'01: 1x RGCH, 1x 1st, 1x 2nd (GCH leg),
     1x 3rd (CA State Fair)

Sabina is a first-freshening two-year-old who is very correct in General Appearance and has a securely attached mammary system. She continues to perform in another herd.

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