Rowe's Toggenburgs

GCH Rowe's Fenix Rosebud 5*M (T0926267)

GCH Rowe's Fenix Rosebud 5*M DOB: 2/19/94     JDR/F4

Sire: +*B Whisper'N'Pines MDKP Fenix T0863916
     SS: GCH++B Mount Douglas Key Principle (LA 4-5 EX 90)
     SD: GCH Whisper'N'Pines Francine (LA 8-4 EX 91, 3010M)

Dam: Cedar Hollow Titan Remembrance 4*M T0866862 (LA 9-03 90 EEEV)
     DS: GCH+*B Cedar Hollow Titan (LA 7-02 91 EEE)
     DD: GCH Cedar Hollow Paradox's Xpresso (LA 4-02 91 EEVE)

5-04 90EEEE
1-09  305D  3400M  84F  92P
          368D  3740M  96F  102P
2-11  305D  4280M  121F  114P ADGA Top Ten 1997-98
4-00  293D  3980M  104F  105P ADGA Top Ten 1998-99
5-00  282D  4100M  107F  109P ADGA Top Ten 1999-2000
6-00  283D  3370M  91F  82P
7-00  265D  3470M  84F  82P
7-11  270D  3460M  82F  79P
Lifetime to date:
2078D  26,460M  687F  677P 
'95 shown 5x: 4x JrCH, 2x BJDIS, 1x 2nd
'96 shown 6x: 4x 1st, 2x 2nd, 2x GCH/BOB
'97 shown 2x: 1x BOB, 1x 2nd/1stU, RGCH, BUB
     BUIS (CA State Fair)
'98 shown 1x: 1x 1st (CA State Fair)
'99 shown 1x: 3rd 5-yr-old ADGA National Show
'00 shown 1x: 5th CA State Fair
'01 shown 1x: 3rd CA State Fair

Rosebud's offspring show consistent style and strong mammaries. Rosebud's son Rowe's Maestro Ranger topped the 2000 ADGA Spotlight Sale, selling for $5000. She has 2 GCH/EX 91 daughters, Rosemarie and Rosemary II, and EX90 daughter Rosette has 3 Top Ten appearances.  Rosemary's full sister Rowe's Maestro Wild Rose 6*M T0994085 appraised FS 89 with E mammary at age 1-06.

Rowe's Maestro Rosepetal 6*M Another Rosebud daughter, full sister to Rosemary II and Rosemarie, is Rowe's Maestro Rosepetal 6*M T1112663 (pictured at left as a  milking yearling), owned by Alize Dairy Goats, AZ. LA at 3 years: 89 VVV+. She was 2x BOB and BIS at the Arizona State Fair in 2002. We retained her daughter GCH Robin in our herd.


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