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Rowe's Toggenburgs 2001 News
(A summary of important events in 2001)

First Place Dairy Herd - 2001 CA State Fair First Place Dairy Herd
2001 California State Fair

L to R:
GCH Margaret (milking through)
Reserve Udder Fauna
1st 2-yr-old Susanna
1st yearling Robin

First Place Best 3 Females
2001 California State Fair

L to R:
Margaret (milking through)

First Place Best 3 Females - 2001 CA State Fair

Linear Appraisal:
In July 2001, Margaret improved her excellent status to EX93! Other excellents: Mary (EX92), Rosemary II (EX91), Rosemarie (EX91), Maestro (EX91), Rosette (EX90), Fauna (EX90) and Misty (EX90) joined their excellent herdmates from 1999 session Flora (EX92). Rosebud (EX90) and Remembrance (EX90). Other young does also scored well, with GCH Susanna and yearling Robin scoring VG89. Scores on all does are listed on their pages.

Three does should be noted for exceptional lifetime milk production in 2001: Flora (30,530 lbs. milk) after 8 lactations, is bred back for earlier kidding in 2002. We lost Remembrance from the herd for 2002, but she completed 28,740 lbs. milk in her 11 years. Rosebud completed 23,000 lbs. milk, including 3470 lbs. milk at 7 years of age. These does demonstrated their transmitting ability through the ADGA Top Ten appearances (Vol. 47) of their daughters Fern, Fuchsia, Rosette, Rene (Van Zee Ranch) along with herdmates Mary and Flora. Fern, Susanna and Rosette had records exceeding 4000 lbs. milk in 2001.

Mary, Susanna and Fauna achieved ADGA permanent champion status in 2001, and Misty earned 2 legs toward her championship. Fauna (3) and Mary (2) earn five Best Senior Doe in Show awards in 2001 competition. We showed at only one fair, the California State Fair. Margaret was GCH Toggenburg for the 3rd consecutive year. Flora repeated as Supreme Champion Dairy Goat Total Performer, and her daughter Fauna was Togg. Res. Best Udder. Rowe’s Toggenburgs also exhibited the Jr. and Res. Jr. Champion Toggenburg in 2001 and was the Premier Toggenburg Breeder and Exhibitor for the 6th consecutive year. Maestro was the Premier Toggenburg sire for the 3rd consecutive year.

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