Rowe's Toggenburgs

GCH Rowe's Maestro Margaret 7*M (T0996844)
(1999 ADGA National Champion Toggenburg)

GCH Rowe's Maestro Margaret 7*M DOB: 2/11/96     JDR/J3

Sire: GCH +*B Canyon View Mary's Maestro T0937315 (LA 7-03 91 EEE)
     SS: ++*B Dionysius Carmela's San Martin (CL 3-05 88 VEV)
     SD: GCH Canyon View Mary Inthe Morning 4*M (LA 2-03 92 EEEE)

Dam: Rowe's Fenix Stella 6*M T0961530 (2-00 305D 4260M 147F 120P TOP TEN)
DS: +*B Whisper'N'Pines MDKP Fenix
     DD: GCH Canyon-View HHD Mary's Susan 5*M (Maestro’s ˝ sister)

5-05 93 EEEE
1-01 305D  1920M  66F  58P
          338D  2060M  72F  63P
2-02  302D  2360M  70F  71P
3-02  305D  3310M  102F  97P
          319D  3420M  105F  100P
4-03  305D  3040M  95F  82P
 ext:   567D 4620M  138F  122P
6-00  305D  2450M  68F  61P
 ext:  328D  2550M  71F  64P
7-01  282D  1690M  51F  45P IP
Lifetime to date: 2136D  16,700M  505F  465P
'98: 1st pl./1st Udder 2-yr-old, Res. BUB
     (CA St. Fair, exhibited by Blizzard Farms)
'99 shown 4x: 4x GCH/BOB, 4x BIS
'99 National Show: GCH & BU Toggenburg
     NTC All American 3-yr-old
'00 shown 1x: Supreme Champion Doe CA St. Fair
     (1st, BOB, BUB, BIS)
     NTC All American 4-yr-old
'01 shown 1x: GCH CA State Fair
'02 shown 1x: 1st, BUB CA St. Fair
'03 show 1x: 1st, RGCH, member Supreme Champion
                        Best 3 Females CA St. Fair

Margaret has a lovely mammary system and sound general appearance. She has a persistent lactation curve and runs consistently low somatic cell counts. She appraised 93 at 5 years of age. She was BUB in 2002 & RGCH (to Robin) in 2003, and a member of our Supreme Best 3 Females at the California State Fair her only times shown in 2002 and 2003. 

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