Rowe's Toggenburgs

White-Hawk's Ranger's Jasmine 2*M pnd (T1205423)

2002 ADGA Spotlight Sale Doe
Bred by Mike and Evelyn Korhonen of White Hawk Farm, Chehalis, Washington.
Jasmine is a daughter of our 2000 Spotlight Consignment,
*B Rowe's Maestro Ranger

White-Hawk's Ranger's Jasmine 2*M DOB: 5/07/2001     KWH/P19

Sire: *B Rowe's Maestro Ranger T1149255 (LA 3-02 90 VEE)
          SS: GCH+*B Canyon-View Mary's Maestro T0937315 (LA 7-02 91 EEE)
          SD: GCH Rowe's Fenix Rosebud 5*M T0926267 (LA 5-04 90 EEEE)

Dam: GCH White-Hawk DJ's Jessika *M T1053052 (6-03 90 EEVE)
          DS: CH *B White-Hawk Maxim Don Juan T0983996 (6-03 90 EEV)
          DD: CH Whirlwind Jolynn T1012548 (5-06 87 VE++)

2-00  88  VEVV
1-10  268D  3320M  97F  87P  IP

Jasmine has made her mark in our herd with her high first lactation production and persistent lactation curve. Jasmine’s dam Jessika (4th 5-yr-old) and her littermate Juno (5th 2-yr-old) both placed well at the 2003 ADGA National Show for the Korhonen’s White Hawk Toggenburgs.

GCH White_Hawk DJ's Jessika *M Jasmine's Dam:
GCH White-Hawk DJ's Jessika *M

LA 6-03 90 EEVE
4-11  299D  2810M  109F  8.8% ADGA Top Ten
GCH All-American 4-year-old 2001
2001: 8xGCH, 1xRGCH, 4xBOB
2002: BOB @ SWWDGA District 7 Togg Specialty,
BIS @ SWWa Fair

(Thank you to Evelyn & Mike Korhonen for Jessika's photo.)

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