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Rowe’s Toggenburgs is a relatively small herd of Purebred and American Toggenburgs located in the Capay, in Yolo County, California, not far from Sacramento. We have been breeding Toggenburgs in our present location since 1992, although Joan first began raising Toggenburgs as a 4-H project in 1965.

We place strong emphasis on both production and type. The herd is on continuous standard DHIR production testing. The 1/03 rolling herd average for milk production was 3,109 lbs. milk, 85 lbs. butterfat, and 78 lbs. protein. Our does make frequent appearances on the ADGA Toggenburg Top Ten Breed Leader lists for high single lactations. We also desire that our does sustain a high level of production through a long productive life. Our Flora recently exceeded 33,000 lbs lifetime milk during her 9th lactation, including 5 lactations with more than 4,000 lbs milk. Flora’s daughter Fern produced 5,210 lbs. milk in her most recently completed lactation and was #1 for milk, fat and protein on the ADGA Toggenburg Breed Leader list.

Our herd participates regularly in ADGA linear appraisal, having our does and bucks appraised every other year. Appraisal scores are noted with each doe’s information. Maestro (EX91), Margaret (EX93), Flora (EX92), Mary (EX92), Rosemary II (EX91), Rosemarie (EX91), Rosebud (EX90), Fauna (EX90), Rosette (EX90) and Misty (EX90) appraised EX in 1999 and/or 2001. We plan to appraise next in 2003. All our mature bucks have DNA type on record with ADGA.

We attend some weekend club shows. Due to schedule constraints, we exhibit at only one fair, the California State Fair. Rowe's Toggenburgs was thePremier Toggenburg Breeder & Premier Toggenburg Exhibitor 1996-2002, including the 1999 ADGA National Show at California State Fair, where our Margaret was ADGA National Champion Toggenburg and our senior herd sire Maestro was Premier Toggenburg Sire. Our first ADGA Spotight Sale consignment, *B Rowe’s Maestro Ranger, was the high selling animal, selling for $5000 at the 2000 sale in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Kids are removed at birth and started
in boxes, then moved to group pens
at 2 weeks of age.

We have a comprehensive health management program. All kids are removed from their dam at birth, given heat treated colostrum and fed pasteurized milk until weaning at three months of age. Does and bucks are routinely tested for caprine arthritis-encephalitis virus (CAE). Lactating does are routinely tested for mastitis pathogens. We enrolled in the Scrapie Flock Certification program in 1996 (current status date 10/02).
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