Rowe's Toggenburgs

GCH Rowe's Dutchman Fuchsia 7*M (AT0962303)

GCH Rowe's Dutchman Fuchsia 7*M DOB: 3/12/95     JDR/H10

Sire: *B Rowe's Sausalito Dutchman AT0926260 (2xBBIS)
     SS: +*B Nimrodel Sausalito T0787476  (LA 3-01 87 VVV)
     SD: GCH Blue Acres C. Regal's Duchess AT727470 (9-03 89 EEEV)

Dam: Rowe's Fenix Flora 6*M AT0897671 (LA 6-02 92 EEEE)
     DS: +*B Whisper'N'Pines MDKP Fenix T0863916
     DD: Cedar-Hollow TR Rebecca AT0887288 (dam = Remembrance)

6-04 88 VEEV
0-11  305D  2820M  92F 79P
1-11  305D  3630M  122F  98P ADGA Top Ten 1997-98
          309D  3660M  123F  99P
2-11 304D  3600M  112F  97P
3-11  305D 3860M  122F  107P ADGA Top Ten 1999-2000
          310D 3900M  123F  108P
4-11 301D  3530M  106F  90P ADGA Top Ten
Lifetime to date: 1679D  19, 540M  617F  520P
'96 shown 8x: 6x 1st, 2x 2nd (1x to Rebecca),
     3x GCH, 1x RGCH
'97 shown 5x: 2x BOB, 2x 2nd ChCh, 
     1x 5th (CA State Fair)
'98 shown 3x: 2x 1st, 2x BOB, 1x 7th (CA St. Fair)
'99 shown 3x: 2x 2nd ChCh to herdmate Margaret,
     13th at ADGA National Show.

Fuchsia is a powerful doe with an extremely level topline and consistent production. Fuchsia is currently owned by University of California, Davis. Fuchsia is the paternal grand-dam of *B Castle-Pine Frostline Landmark.

Rowe's Dutchman Floribunda 7*M Fuchsia's litter sister:
Rowe's Dutchman Floribunda 7*M (pictured at left)

LA 2-03 88 VEEV

DHIR 1-01 282D 2610M 88F, 77P

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