Rowe's Toggenburgs

2002 California State Fair Placings

We showed at only one fair in 2002, the California State Fair (a District VIII Toggenburg Specialty Show).

Rowe display at the 2002 Califorrnia State Fair

(This is a complete list of Rowe’s Toggenburgs entries and their placings at the 2002 California State Fair)

Supreme Champion Best 3 Females - Robin, Fauna, Margaret
Supreme Dairy Goat Total Performer - Fern
Sr. GCH (BOB, 63 Sr. does) & Res BUB - Robin
Res. Sr. GCH - Fauna
Best Toggenburg Udder - Margaret
Jr. GCH (47 Jr. does) - Carnation
Premier Toggenburg Exhibitor
Premier Toggenburg Breeder
Premier Toggenburg Sire - Maestro
1st Dairy Herd (8 entries)
1st Best 3 Females (5 entries)
1st (Keynote) & 2nd (Maestro) Sr. Get of Sire (7 entries)
1st (Flora) & 2nd (Rosebud) Produce of Dam (6 entries)
1st (Margaret/Marigold) & 2nd (Mary/Misty) Dam & Daughter (11 entries)
1st (Mary), 4th (Rosebud) & 5th (Flora) 7 & older (6 entries)
1st (Margaret) & 3rd (Rosette) 5-6 Yr. Olds (9 entries)
1st (Fauna), 2nd (Rosemary II) & 6th (Fern) 4 Yr. Olds (12 entries)
1st (Misty) & 2nd (Susanna) 3 Yr. Olds (10 entries)
1st (Robin), 4th (Fiesta) & 5th (Marigold) 2 Yr. Olds (16 entries)
4th (Rainbow, now owned by Katie Jack) & 5th (Rosie) Milking yearlings (11 entries)
1st (Carnation), 3rd (Carla) & 6th (Rosepetal) Dry yearlings (22 entries)
1st (Marina), 2nd (Fennel) & 5th Senior kid (10 entries)
1st (Rosette II), 3rd (Ruthie, now owned by Wendy Bennett) & 4th (Robbie) Int. kid (8 entries)
1st (Raindrop), 3rd (Ruby) & 4th (Ramona) Jr. kid (7 entries)
1st (Buckeye) & 3rd (Maestro) Jr. Get of Sire (6 entries)

Junior Champion: Carnation
Junior Champion: Carnation
Grand Champion: Robin
Grand Champion: Robin
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